Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keeping Strong

Japan is struggling right now, and even though I have no one over there, I wish that everything will get better soon. Unfortunately this happened yet again, another natural disaster took every home and hope on its path, and now it's time for healing. It's going to take time, but just as any other tragedy, it will all be left behind in time. It will be only a very vivid memory. My heart and prayers are for those who lost everything: family, home, and peace of mind. Pray for Japan <3

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Supperglass; Alright

"We are young, we run green
keep our teeth nice and clean
see our friends, see the sights
fell alright"

My sister is running wild with this song and personally I LOVE IT! It has catchy words ;3 But she came in, jamming to her music, and singing on the top of her lungs, then she jumped on my bed making me extremely annoyed. lol
and I was like "Pinche loca" *annoyed face*
To tell you the truth, she is amazing, but having to deal with her 24/7 is probably the reason why I'm always getting annoyed at her spontaneous moments.

Show me the world that's Inside your Head


Imagination runs wild. That's what i always do when I have the time. And now, more than before, it has been quite possible. Texas can be very boring sometimes, but its landscapes and astonishing views take my breath away. No matter what, I think I quite like it here. I was raised and born here, and all my life I've been happy. But summers are very hot here, its impossible not to go out without a bottle of water. Winters are rare, but when they do reach our border, its freezing as hell. I enjoy the view though, all the time.